Monday, December 11, 2023


1. Technical Support to Different Requesting Offices, Government Councils and Local Special Bodies 2. Provision of Agricultural Data and Rainfall Data to Different Offices 3. Provision of Office Equipment, Vehicle and Facilities to Borrowing/Using Office 4. Issuance of Municipal Agricultural Certificate and Mayor's Certificate of Endorsement as an Agricultural Farm 5. Issuance of Veterinary Health Certificate (VHC) for Livestock, Fowls and Pets 6. Concurrence of Veterinary Health Certificate (VHC) 7. Provision of technical extension services on the field of agriculture 8. Conduct of Anti-Rabies Vaccination 9. Conduct of Artificial Insemination (AI) on Cattle, Carabao and Goat 10. Conduct of Farmers Classes, Seminars and Trainings on different agricultural commodities 11. Soil analysis of submitted soil sample using Soil Test Kit (STK) 12. Dispersal of Tilapia Fingerlings 13. Conduct Vegetable Seed Dispersal 14. Fruit Tree, Industrial Tree Seedlings, Ornamental Plants, Herbs and Vermicast for Sale/dispersal 15. Access of National Grants from National Agencies (A. Preparation and submission of Letter of intents and endorsement to funding agencies) 16. Access of National Grants from National Agencies (B. Crafting, Improving, Preparation and submission of Project proposals and other documents for submission to funding agency) 17. Access of National Grants from National Agencies (C. Preparation and submission of Memorandum of Agreement to funding agencies) 18. Conduct Spay, Neutering, Castration and Treatment of Animals 19. Conduct Animal Clinic as requested by barangay 20. Provide agriculture reading materials and access of agricultural information and technology to requesting clients through Farmers Information Technology System 21. Provision of Adlai Mill to borrowing client and request for usage of Training Hall to requesting client 22. Application of Farmers Registration under Registry System of Basic Sector for Agriculture (RSBSA) 23. Application of Farmers for Crops and Livestock RSBSA Insurance 24. Application for claim of Indemnity or Notice of Loss for crops and livestock insurance (Farmers who have applied Crops & Livestock Insurance) 25. Application for registration of Ownership of Agri Fishery Machineries and Equipment for private individual and organizations